Lars Tunebo

Lars Tunebo, born 1962 in Lysekil Sweden.

He resides and works in Gothenburg Sweden. Self-taught and has been a full time creative artist for over 30 years working with techniques and materials including bronze, glass, painting and photography / mixed media.

Images are worked with different effects and filters in multiple layers and then hand-finished with clear transparent colors and individual effects. Tunebo’s sense of humor, wittiness and imagination allow him to create images that constantly surprise and amaze and give laughter and joy.

His works are shown in Los Angeles, New York, Monaco, London, Dubai, Copenhagen, Brussels, Stockholm, Gothenburg , Marbella and is shown in both public and private collections. He is mostly known for his photo-montages of animals in unusual situations including elephants on tightropes in New York City and balancing on their heads in London.

Lars has created a fresh series named “Daily Life,” portraying animals taking on human roles in our world of everyday situations.

Lars Tunebo